Message of Principal

As the principal of one of the oldest and premier schools in Sri Lanka,  I convey this message with great pleasure to the Sri Jayawrdanapura Maha Vidyalaya Website. With 8 students in 1822 this school initiated under the first principal, Sir. Samuel Lambrick and it was called as Verandah School. From then to now under number of principals the school is continuing grandeur journey. Through this journey it has furnished number of unique sons such as Anagarika Dharmapala, John de Silva, Ananda Samarakone and A.Rathnayaka. At present the school is in a privileged position in education development as well as co curricular activities. Vice principals, teachers, old boys and parents of the school take a great effort to keep the school in this situation. My hope is to uplift the past glory and to create salutary sons to the society. I must grateful for your support given to make my dream a reality. The reputation of  Sri Jayawardanapura Maha Vidyalaya will be extend all through the country.

Message of Principal Primary ​

Welcome to Sri Jayawardhanapura Maha Vidyalaya.We are proud of our school, our teachers, our students & our parents. Here in the primary section. I believe that education is onetime chance & that our students deserves the best.Due to this, reason is the unique location of our school. It is an environment that is surrounded by the enchanting Diyawanna stream & the greenery calm & quiet serene atmosphere away from the congestion of the city is very conductive to teaching & learning process. The style of our school, its vision & mission & above all it’s atmosphere will greatly influence how your child develops. The curriculum at the primary level is activity based learning encourages creativity. Our challenge not only to lead the students to pass the scholarship examination but also to face the challenges of the 21st century with great confidence. The students engage in the extra-curricular activities swimming, chess, cricket, scouting, KITTY etc… The Courage, Determination, persistence are essential elements for success in this educational journey through life.

So we need to make a citizen not only with academic excellence but to moulds one’s character with the beauty of discipline, high Moral standards & Good values. Remember also with deep appreciation the dedicated & unfiring effort of our principal of Sri Jayawardenapura Maha Vidiyalaya Major: D.A.D Wanaguryu for his excellent guidance & assistance all the time. We invite you worldwide to join with us to see a better & brighter future for every child of our school.Always be true to yourself &true to what you do!

“May the Blessing of NA Bodhi always with you!”

Thanks N.A.D.R.Kumarasinghe
Principal Primary Section

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